What is coaching?

Through coaching, we'll focus on your lived experience to help you

  • Understand how you operate in the day-to-day
  • Learn how to leverage your unique strengths to overcome obstacles that keep you from thriving

During this process, the changes you’ll witness won’t steer you toward becoming someone you’re not. Instead, coaching aims to uncover and reveal who you already are.

Book a Session

All coaching begins with a 90-minute Groundwork Session. This informal yet “structured” conversation will give you the opportunity to communicate your goals and reflect on your unique traits and lived experiences. It will also help you understand my approach to coaching, learn more about the coaching process, and clarify any other questions you may have.

By the end of the session, my goal is for both of us to feel confident that our coaching partnership is the right fit.

Personal Coaching

As a neurodivergent individual you offer many unique abilities that may not always fit neatly into your world. From home life to work and hobbies we examine the areas in your life that are sub-optimal. Then we work on transformational thinking and skills that amplify the best parts about you.



How long do you typically work with people as a coach?

Since I tailor the approach to the needs of each client, I do not deliver a set curriculum. The time required is dependent on the continued benefit of the work. Since we would be challenging long held narratives and beliefs, changes take time. We may continue the work as long as you continue to derive benefit.

What do we talk about during coaching sessions?

Since I consider you the expert in your life, the agenda is always determined by you. Topics can range from specific day-to-day challenges to managing relationships, exploring motivation, transitioning tasks and experimenting with new ideas and approaches..

How long are coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions typically last 60 minutes.

How often are coaching sessions?

A twice monthly schedule typically provides us with the frequency required to maintain our direction without losing momentum.

Is coaching available virtually?

Yes. In fact, all sessions are virtual.

What is the purpose of the Groundwork session?

The Groundwork Session is an important step to establishing a foundation for your growth. In addition to helping us identify the areas you want to explore further in coaching, the Groundwork session will help me understand how to tailor my coaching approach to your specific needs. Perhaps the most important outcome is to determine whether there is a “fit” between coach and client.

What is your cancellation or rescheduling policy for coaching sessions?

  • Every effort is made to reschedule unavoidable cancellations within the same month provided 24 hrs notice is provided and space is available.
  • A client who misses a session without notification or with less than 24 hrs notification will be charged for the session (Exceptions may apply in special circumstances).

What qualifications and experience do you have as a coach?

  • Coach certification from ADDCA (The ADD Coach Academy)
  • Thousands of client hours over a 9 year private coaching practice
  • 20 years of marketing experience primarily focused on gaining insight into human behaviors, habits, core values and beliefs.

What is expected from me as a client in the coaching process?

  • Specific issues you wish to address (Always your agenda)
  • The objectivity explore them through a critical lens
  • The willingness to experiment with and follow through on agreed upon strategies to create change
  • The perseverance to explore ideas follow your neurodivergence and “Find your path by walking on it”

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