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Learn about Brett’s unique model focused on better understanding, accepting and embracing your authentic self.

Brett Thornhill - Mindset Coach

Meet Brett

I’m Brett Thornhill. My journey as a coach began with a personal revelation at the age of 42, when I was diagnosed with ADHD. This was more than a medical diagnosis; it was an awakening that helped me embrace who I truly am and finally thrive personally and professionally. Now, I’m here to help you navigate your unique journey.

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My Approach

Drawing from my own experiences and training, I offer practical guidance towards self-discovery and achieving personal and professional success, prioritizing your strength and individuality. Our objective is not to change who you are. Instead, we’ll work together to understand, accept, and embrace your unique strengths so you can overcome the obstacles that are stifling your growth. My goal as a coach is to empower you to leverage your unique strengths so you can overcome the barriers that are keeping you from meeting your goals and aspirations.


Welcome to a coaching journey that centers on you – your experiences, strengths, and aspirations. My process isn’t just goal-setting or brain hacks; it’s about self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Together, we will help you gain insight into how you function and leverage that to improve your life.

Personal Coaching

As a neurodivergent individual you offer many unique abilities that may not always fit neatly into your world. From home life to work and hobbies we examine the areas in your life that are sub-optimal. Then we work on transformational thinking and skills that amplify the best parts about you.

Book Brett for Speaking

Brett has spoken around the world on panels and at special events, radio, television about his journey. Here are some of the topics in which Brett currently enjoys speaking:

  • Neurodivergence in the workplace
  • Mindset: The key to unlocking growth
  • Becoming comfortable with discomfort
  • Embracing differences: We are more alike than we think
  • Perfectionism, the antithesis of excellence

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